Program Overview

Today’s business challenges demand strategic, responsible and ethical leaders who can handle the formidable challenges associated with moving into today’s increasingly complex leadership roles. Unfortunately, however, the word “leadership” has become more of an industry buzz-phrase that has minimal real impact on improving quality, enabling growth and developing competitive advantage. Leaders today, more than ever, need to build their leadership and innovation, skills, confidence, and support system to enact true change and to impact real-world business challenges.   Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is the cutting-edge roadmap and methodology for economic and developmental growth in the kingdom. The vision stipulates clearly that the public, private, SME and NGO sectors need to play a pivotal role in materializing the vision. The objective of this two-week program is to shed light on the role that each of these sectors need to play and the potential opportunities and commitments that are to be achieved by the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The Program for Advanced Leadership and Management (PALM), keeping in view our regional and global needs and industry competitive pressures, offers the latest management concepts and tools that focus on transforming senior executives into successful leaders. This one of a kind program is designed to challenge your current perceptions about leadership, encouraging you to think and lead under pressure, champion change, build teams, and develop talent throughout your organization. You will leave with a broader vision of success having absorbed the insights of faculty experts and the experiences of successful industry peers. This program will support you in embracing increasing levels of responsibility and success throughout your career.

PALM is an opportunity for senior executives to interact with international and diverse peers, exceptional faculties from the top 10 business schools, authors of best-selling books, and highly experienced consultants from the top global consulting firms. Participants will have the opportunity to expand their business repertoire to include new concepts, paradigms and forward-looking educational practices.

Khazi M. Zafar
Program Director


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