Performance Management

New ways of Generating Performances for You & Your Teams

Prof. Carles Brugarolas Manzaneque
Head of the Academic Department, EADA Business School

Success through People

Dr. Judith M. Bardwick
President, Judith M. Bardwick

How to improve performance by focusing on strengths

Kathryn Donaldson
Principal Coach & Consultant, Growing Talent

How To Manage Your Team's Performance Effectively

Richard Seaman
Executive Coach, Beacon Leadership Development

How to build a high performing values-driven organisation

Richard Barrett
Founder and Chairman, Barrett Values Centre

Driving Business Success through Performance Management

Dr. Jason Brooks
Managing Partner, The Catalyst Group

How To Create a Culture of Buy-In and Belief

Chester Elton
Co-Founder, The Culture Works

How to Manage for Best Triple Bottom Line Performance

Peter Burgess
Founder CEO,, TrueValueMetrics