Change Management

Take Your Blindfolds Off: Reinvent in 2017

Kate Sweetman
President, Sweetman Cragun

The 21st Century Organization

Dr. Philip A. Foster
Principal Consultant, Maximum Change

Leading Change Needs to Change

Dr. David W. Jamieson
Professor & Department Chair, Organization Learning & Development, University of St Thomas

Why Change is So Hard

Dr. Nicole Lipkin
CEO, Equilibria Leadership Consulting

Growth Challenges in Family Businesses

Dr. Stephanie Hussels
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Director, Cranfield University

Ten traps to avoid when managing change

Mike Green
Director, Transitional Space

How to Manage at the Pace of Accelerating Change

Rod Collins
Director of Innovation, Optimity Advisors

Start With The Soil:Four Fresh Strategies For Successful Change

Jones Loflin
Author and Speaker, Helping Others Prepare for Excellence

How to Overcome Resistance to Change in Others and Yourself

Dr. Mark Goulston
Co-Founder, Heartfelt Leadership

Do excellent people need to be led?

Bryan Dunlop
Managing Director, Tailor Made Training Ireland Partnership