Decision Making

Understanding Scenario Thinking: Global Strategy and Local Execution

Fernando Salvetti
Founder and a Managing Partner, Logos Knowledge Network

The Role of Future Flexibility and Uncertainty In Decision Making

Gill Eapen
Chairman and CEO , Decision Options, LLC

Why Most Strategies Fail - a new approach to strategy execution

John R. Childress
Founder and Managing Director, Principia Group

The Revolution will be Improvised

Peter Sims
Founder, BLK SHP Enterprises, Inc

How to Craft Robust Strategy Through Scenarios

Dr. Awais Siraj
Managing Director , Genzee Solutions

Leadership and Decision Making

Victor H. Vroom
BearingPoint Professor of Management Professor of Psychology , Yale School of Management

Linking Scenario Planning and Decision Making

Dr. Alexander Van de Putte
Founding Director , Sustainable Foresight Institute

Scenario Planning and Decision Making

Dr. Paul J. H. Schoemaker
Research Director of the Marc Center for Technological Innovation , Wharton School University of Pennsylvania