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Linda Sage
Training & Development Specialist, SGC

Why your Personal Brand and LinkedIn matters

Jane Anderson
Director, Jane Anderson

Are you Well Connected? - Getting more from fewer connections

Gordon Curtis
Relationship Strategist, CURTIS CONSULTING

Mastering the Language of Influence

Hawa Charfaray
CEO, Training Excellence

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Fatemah Mirza
Head Writer/Founder, CareerTuners

Secrets to High-Impact Executive Presentations

Steve Lowell
International Speaker and Mentor to Professional Speakers, Lowell Workshops

RECOGNIZING HUMAN POTENTIAL - Communicate, Influence & Inspire Results

Bert Oliva
Human Behavior Expert, BOWAworld International

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Christine MORLET
President , French Professional Speakers Association

Executive Presence - What is it? How to get it? Why it matters!

Diane Darling
Professional Speaker, Published Author, Creative Entrepreneur, Diane Darling, Inc.

Speech and Conflict

Dr. Sultan Abdulhameed
Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University

Stop Boring Your Audience: How To Develop and Deliver Powerful Business Presentations

Bill Connor
President Oratorio Media and Presentation Training, Oratorio