Leadership Management

Managing in a Global Environment

Professor Dr. Marie-Therese Claes
Director of Executive MBA, Louvain School of Management

How Great CEO's Create Value: Lessons from Private Equity

Michael McDermott
Founder and CEO, Arcadia Group

Discovering the Art & Science of Leadership Thinking

David Creelman, John Cimino
CEO, Creelman Research, Creative Leaps International

How to Lead with Purpose & Radically Transform Your Work

Zach Mercurio
Instructor, Colorado State University

Leading through Pain and Loss

Bonnie Poppe, CPC, SSCC, CLC
Owner, Life's Next Step Coaching

How to lead wisely in uncertain environments

Pedro Balsa, PMP, MBA
Director, PMO Internacional

Saudi Vision 2030: How to Maximise Leadership Opportunities

Prof. William Scott-Jackson
Chairman, Oxford Strategic Consulting

Leadership & Management in the 21st Century

Dr. Frank Lee Harper
Principal Consultant & Trainer, Intelligent Systems Services, LLC

ABC of Servant Entrepreneurial Leadership

Prof. Mark M. Michalski
Adjunct Professor, CUA

How to be the best Leader you can be

Doug Strycharczyk
CEO, AQR International

Balanced and Mindful Leadership

Pamela Thompson
CEO, Creative Life Coaching Inc.

5 Ways to Lead From Your Leadership Legacy

Stephen Hobbs
CEO, WELLth Learning Network

Are You a World Class Executive?

Dr. Mansour Javidan
Director, Najafi Global Mindset Institute

How to Develop a Crucial Leadership Skill

Dr. Paul Greasley
Founder and President, Timely Leadership Consulting, LLC

How to win and keep the right to be followed

Dr. Jesus A. Sampedro Hidalgo
President, Global Leadership Consulting

How to Become a Leader of Character

Dave Anderson
President, Anderson Leadership Solutions

The Leadership Knowing-Doing Gap?

Carolyn Dare, Mike Smith
Partner, Director, LTS Global

How To Define And Build Your Next Line Of Leaders

Dr. Mark Villareal
Sr. Vice President, 5 Point Enterprises

Charismatic Leadership: How to inspire like Nelson Mandela

Dr. Nikolaus Eberl
Chief Content Officer, The Madiba Code: Charismatic Leadership

How to Lead Yourself & Influence Others

Andrew Bryant
MD, Self Leadership International Pte Ltd

Learning to think like a great leader

Tony Swainston
Director, Tony Swainston Ltd

How to Build an Employee Mentoring Program

Frank Russell
Chief Executive Officer, Prositions

Integrative Thinking: How Successful Leaders Think

Jennifer Riel
Managing Director, Rotman School of Management

Developing Leaders of Expert Employees

Fraser Marlow
Head of the Leadership Practice, BlessingWhite

How Emerging Leaders can Step Up without Tripping up

Peter Milligan
Founder, New Generation Leaders

Mind Leadership - A New Global & Social Movement

Christian Kurmann
Founder, Mindful Leadership LLC

How to empower future leaders?

Naveed Khawaja
Senior Director of Strategic Change Leadership, Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

Leadership that makes your Dreams come True!

James Johnson
Professional speaker, Dreams Really Do Come True

Enabling Successful M&As through Leadership Due Diligence

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar
Founder and CEO, Potentious

How To Overcome Leadership Vertigo To Drive Success

Tanveer Naseer
Principal and Founder, Tanveer Naseer Leadership

How to lead in challenging times

Peter Baines
Chair and Founder, Peter Baines Consulting

How Leaders Develop Cultural intelligence (CQ)

Dr. Andrew J. Brough
CEO, Brough Leadership Institute

How to Create a Coaching Culture

Angelos G. Derlopas
Managing Partner, Positivity Coaching

Thinking and Leading Strategically

Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn
Founder and CEO, GrowthLeaders

How do you lead powerfully... with Presence and Impact?

Dr. Hartmut Stuelten
Founder and Chief Practitioner, The Leadership Practice

Increase YOUR Return on Leadership!

Don Brown
Founder, Don Brown.org

How to Lead the Way through the Permanent White Water

Warren Blank
President, The Leadership Group

How to Develop the Three Eyes of Successful Leadership

Bruce Holland
Founder and Director, Virtual Group Business Consultants Ltd

How to Create High Performers via Authentic Leadership

Marcel Schwantes
Principal, Leadership from the Core

Do You Know How To Take a Massive Leap Forward

Tom Terwilliger
Success Strategies Coach, CEO, LoDo Media

Authenticity - Increasing your Impact, Influence & Income

Richard Day
Potentialist, Life & Business Leadership Institute

How do CEOs Overcome Leadership Challenges in Turbulent Times?

Professor M.S. Rao
International Leadership Guru, MSR Leadership Consultants India

How to Build Your Roadmap to Bold Growth

Ray Attiyah
Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Definity Partners

Actionable Leadership : Practices that Inspire Results

David Spungin
Founder, The Leader Growth Group, LLC

How To Make Teamwork Your Competitive Advantage

Dr. Janice Presser
CEO, The Gabriel Institute

How to Learn and Lead like a Leader

Arham Faraaz
Founder - Chief Mentor, Arham Faraaz Leadership Academy

Leverage Relationships for Sustainable Advantage

David Hain
Director, Transformation Partners (Wales)Ltd

How to Create Leaders, Not Followers

David Marquet
President, Founder, Turn the Ship Around LLC

3 Keys to Unlock Engagement and Alignment on Your Team

Kevin Kruse
Author, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers

How to use adversity as a superpower for personal development

Dr. Gregg Steinberg
Professor of Human Performance, Austin Peay State University

eNgaging Change - Leading Change Effectively

Nick Fewings
Managing Director, Ngagementworks

Leading Change Courageously

Walter McFarland
Founder, Windmill Human Performance, LLC

Three questions followers want their leaders to answer

Dr. Gerhard Van Rensburg
Owner, New Era Leadership

Learning from Disaster: Leadership in Challenging Times

Adam Tuffnell
Owner, Speaker and Facilitator, OneFathom Limited

C-Suite Sensei - Leadership for Maximum Engagement

Jim Bouchard
President, CEO, Black Belt Mindset Productions LLC

Leadership It's a Marathon Not a Sprint

Gordon Tredgold
CEO and Founder, Leadership Principles LLC

What Got You Here Wouldn't Get You There

Chris Coffey
Founding partner and President, Prism Ltd. A US Corporation

Eat better - Lead better, the secret ingredients for true leaders

Naveed Khawaja
Senior Director of Strategic Change Leadership, Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

How to create a coaching and mentoring culture in your organization

Prof. David Clutterbuck
Practice Lead, David Clutterbuck Partnership

How to Become a Dynamic Leader - 60 - minute FastTrack

David Ferrers
Principal, Leaders Academy International Ltd

Hi-Definition Conversations: Leader Support On-Line

Timi Gleason
Leadership Coach, Strategic Planner , Executive Goals

Institutionalizing Innovation with a twist

Naveed Khawaja
Senior Director of Strategic Change Leadership, Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

Reinventing Case Method: Does Uncovering Hidden Problems Increases Productivity?

Dr. Mohammed Nadeem
Professor , University of San Francisco and National University, San Jose, California

How to Turn Team Members into Team Players

Yosh Beier
Managing Partner and Executive Coach, Collaborative Coaching

''Three Steps to Becoming an Authentic Leader''

Phil Eastman II
Founder, Leadership Advisors Group

Leading a 4-Step Strategic Change

Naveed Khawaja
Senior Director of Strategic Change Leadership, Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

How to Select Only Top Quality Executive Coaches

Dr. John Reed
Board Director, Quinn Reed Associates

Learning From Lean Success and Failure

Dr. Bob Emiliani
Lean Leadership Author & Lean Educator, The CLBM, LLC, Connecticut State University

The New Economic Currency Authentic Leadership | Emotional Intelligence

Phil Johnson
Founder and President , Master of Business Leadership Inc.

Do you need stability or innovation? I want both...

Naveed Khawaja
Senior Director of Strategic Change Leadership, Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

Getting to the Next Level of Leadership

William H. Davidson (Bill)
Founder, MESA Inc.

7 Steps to Lead Organizational Transformation

Maureen Metcalf
CEO, Metcalf & Associates Inc.

The Secret To Finding Out What You Are Meant To Do With Your Life (Your Soul Purpose)

Melissa Evans
Entrepreneur, Coach and Consultant, The Broshe Group

The Leadership Challenge

Graham Moore
Owner, Moore Success M.E FZE

Innovate How You Lead

Maureen Metcalf
CEO, Metcalf & Associates Inc.

Leadership Style and Profitability

John Mitchell
Founding Partner, Mitchell Leadership Consulting

Big Leadership Development Pitfall, and How to Avoid It

Paul Matthews
Managing Director, People Alchemy Ltd.

Five Leadership Sins of Middle East Managers

Atif Rahim Khan
Senior Capacity Building Specialist, Sustainable Development Policy Institute [SDPI]

Can You Say What Your Corporate Strategy Is?

Dr. Rizwan Amin Sheikh
Associate Dean & Director MBA Program, Karachi School for Business & Leadership (KSBL)

How to Achieve Market Leadership in Eco-Systems

Dr. Karel Cool
Professor of Strategic Management, INSEAD, Belgium

Executive Derailment

Wali Zahid
CEO, Skill City

Taking Care of Your Team

Dr. Sultan Abdulhameed
Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University

What's the Biggest Talent Management Challenge?

Stijn De Groef
Director Talent Management Europe, Middle East and Africa,, Goodyear Dunlop Tires

Leadership Assessment and Development in the GCC

David Jackson
Middle East Regional Market Lead for Oliver Wyman, Oliver Wyman