Human Resources

Best Practices: Talent Acquisition

Patricia H. Lenkov
Founder, Agility Executive Search LLC

How to Train Teams in High Reliability Organizations

David P. Baker, PhD
Executive Vice President, IMPAQ International, LLC

How to Impact the Lives of Others by using influence

Sam Wakil
Coach and Trainer, The John Maxwell Team

How Prosperous Organizations Engage & Empower Conflict

Michael Walker
President and Head Coach, Legendary Coaching

Engaged Employees & Delighted Customers, In One Go

R. Max Behesht
CEO and Founder, R.M.B. Group

Innovative Solutions for Engaging & Managing the Workforce

Dr. Rick Goodman
Certified Speaking Professional,

How to plan and run your M&A Integration

Danny A. Davis
Partner, DD Consulting

Learn to develop Peak Performance Habits

Lorenzo Paoli
The Habits Coach, Novaxia

The Happiness Sweet Spot for your organisation

Lars Kure Juul Nielsen
HR Executive, ClearSight

Manufacturing 2day: How to Conquer Functional Blindness

Karin Lindner
Human Performance Specialist, Karico Performance Solutions

Organisational Learning for Corporate Earning

Prof. John Burgoyne
Professor, University of Lancaster

How to Become Emotionally Intelligent in Six Simple Steps

John Chappelear
Founder & President, Changing the Focus

How to develop Resilient Confident Organisations

Doug Strycharczyk
CEO, AQR International

Continual Learning Under Constantly Changing Conditions

Dr. Marcia Gail Derrick
Professor, Regent University

Engaging & Retaining High Potential Employees

Dr. Bob Nelson
President, Nelson Motivation

How to Thrive on Change

Elad Levinson
Senior Organization Effectiveness Consultant and Executive Coach, 4128 Associates

Offering Innovative Professional Development

Dr. Charles Andrew Fritz
Lead Consultant, Educational Leadership International

How to overcome the failure of talent management

Prof. David Clutterbuck
Practice Lead, David Clutterbuck Partnership

Why Don't People Just Do What You Ask?

Peter Freeth
Director , Genius Ltd

Why 70% of change programmes STILL fail?

Rod Willis
Director of Behavioural Change, Assentire Ltd

Winning With Character

Dr. Jason Jones
Vice President, Strata Leadership

How To Engage Your Team With Appreciative Inquiry

Andy Smith
Training Director, Coaching Leaders Ltd.

How to Handle 'Problem People'

Warren Blank
President, The Leadership Group

The Building Of A High Performance, High Energy Culture

Ron Wiens
Advisor on Cultural Change, Think Primal

How to Create and Sustain a Competitive Employment Brand

Dr. Jeffrey D. Yergler
Principle Consultant, Integer Leadership Consulting

7-Step faithful conflict resolution

Naveed Khawaja
Senior Director of Strategic Change Leadership, Morphilibrium Consulting, UK

Managing Performance in an International Environment

Bettina Pickering
Management Consultant, Aronagh

Target setting for Key Performance Indicators

Adrian Brudan
Research Director , The KPI Institute

Moments of Impact - Executive Onboarding

George Bradt
Managing Director, PrimeGenesis

10 Steps to Hire top Notch Producers

Nada Bifani
Founder and CEO, WIN Sales & Marketing Programs

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Andy Smith
Training Director, Coaching Leaders Ltd.

Winning The War for Talent

Martin Adams
Managing Director , Propel (Cubiks Client Service Provider)

Talent and Corporate Performance

Dr. Masud Arjumand
Former Senior Executive Partner, Accenture, Kellogg School of Management

Administrative Reforms and High Performance: The Human Dimension

J. Edward Kellough
Department of Public Administration and Policy School of Public and International Affairs, The University of Georgia