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MILE Set To Organise 7th World Class Program for Advanced Leadership And Management

Madinah, 12 January, 2015 – Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) today announced that it is going to organize Seventh Program for Advanced Leadership and Management (PALM), a world class leadership program for senior leaders, executives and thought leaders, from 17th April, 2015 to 30th April, 2015.

While the future for corporates and senior business leaders seems tough, they also have to take on the challenge of ever mounting competition. It is very likely that the strategies which have helped some businesses to achieve unparalleled success might prove challenging in the future. Leaders have to create such business eco systems that encourage strategic innovation in decision making process.

According to Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud (3M), CEO of MILE, "PALM 7 has been designed to show senior decision makers how to enhance economic and social value through creating new opportunities, envisioning and managing change, surmounting complexity, accommodating ambiguity and motivating a team towards common goals both for organizations and society."

PALM 7 will feature some of the top notch leadership development consultants, business leaders and academicians. These high profile faculty members come from prestigious organizations, executive education institutes and consulting firms. The program will commence with lecture on Strategy by Dr. Felix Oberholzer, Associate Dean of International Development, Harvard Business School. Similarly, Dr. Karel Cool of INSEAD will elucidate leadership in business Eco-Systems whereas Dr. Carlos Cordon of IMD Business School will discuss various aspects of Operational Excellence.

Other notable speakers include internationally recognized bestselling author Kevin Kelly, Dr. Michael J. Ho of Darden Business School and Dr. Walid Hejazi University of Toronto, Canada.

These speakers will talk about various leadership and management practices prevailing in the world of business today. Similarly, they will also unveil some emerging leadership strategies and tools which can greatly benefit people sitting at the top in terms of successfully negotiating the business challenges and create a sustainable brand name for their respective organizations in the face of stiff competition.

The program participants will also:

  • Find long lasting solutions to all of their business and financial needs.
  • Network with decision makers and business leaders like never before.
  • Learn by example how business leaders around the world are leading their markets remarkably.
  • Learn leadership practices, techniques and tools through latest regional case studies, exclusive reading of selected publications and books and reports in PDF.

Finally, PALM 7 also offers some extended benefits to program delegates. These benefits include Executive 2.0 Coaching, free medical checkups, trips to Islamic History Museum and other historic places in Madinah and complementary Umrah for Muslim participants.


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