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Memorandum of Understanding between IBA Karachi and Madinah Institute of Leadership & Entrepreneurship (MILE)

IBA Karachi and Madinah Institute for Leadership & entrepreneurship inked Memorandum of understanding to establish a strategic partnership between both parties. The document of research and training collaboration was signed by Dr Ishrat Husain, Dean and Director IBA Karachi and Dr. Mohammad Moustafa Mahmoud, CEO MILE.

The MoU is signed majorly to bring MILE’s reputed expertise in executive education offerings to Pakistan through Center for Executive Education at IBA Karachi. It opens various Learning and development venues for the executives in Pakistan who would now be able to benefit from collaborated top Management programs of MILE and IBA on special arrangement exclusively through CEE at IBA for Pakistani executives. Key features of this strategic partnership include scholarships for faculty shadowing program for one on one association with leading business schools. The partnership will enhance research opportunities as one of its aims is development of co-authored regional case studies for repository of region oriented executive education. It also intends to broaden exposure of IBA Faculty to international best practices through online engagement of IBA Faculty with other expert faculty in the world on the subject. Besides exclusive program for top management of Pakistani organizations through IBA, this collaboration also includes exchange of academic and L&D material on the two sides for mutual benefit. IBA Karachi and MILE concede contentment over reaching an agreement to benefit Pakistani entrepreneurs and top management.


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