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MILE and TAIBAH Join Hands To Address Leadership Deficit In The Region With High Impact Executive Education Programs

Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – June 15, 2014: The TAIBAH University, Madinah and MILE jointly held a high level meeting to establish a symbiotic relationship in order to improve the quality of Executive Education in the region.  MILE and TAIBAH University signed an agreement on this momentous occasion to further advance the collaboration of two organizations in advancing executive education through communication, discovery and learning.  

Some of the distinguished personalities who attended the meeting include Dr. Mohamed M. Mahmoud 3M CEO, Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Eng. Ibrahim Elbloushi, CEO, Knowledge Economic City and Dr. Saoud Abdul Qader Taher, Dean, TAIBAH University. Similarly, there were many other dignitaries who graced this historic occasion that will bring in the wealth of leadership knowledge and skills in the Muslim world.     Dr. 3M while addressing the participants said, "The signing of this agreement signifies the new era of mutual collaboration between the two organizations." He further hopes that this agreement will strengthen the exchange of expertise and knowledge between the two institutions so that MILE can continue to work closely with some of the best minds who share MILE's passion in executive education and would complement its efforts in research, teaching and learning.   Under this agreement, both the institutions will jointly prepare constructive regional case studies of successful and thriving businesses in the region that will be shared with senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs and government officials attending various programs conducted by MILE and TAIBAH University. The main purpose of developing these case studies is to encourage other business leaders in the region to work diligently to attain the success they dream of while contributing towards the general wellbeing of the Muslim world.   The high level collaboration will also result in preparation and analysis of online surveys regarding best practices adaptation and problems businesses in the Muslim world encounter, and how to overcome them.  It will also explore the opportunity to streamline video lectures delivered by top level speakers as well as creating joint educational repositories. MILE and TAIBAH University will also start various project management, training and certificate programs that aim at enhancing the professional proficiency of the entrepreneurs and executives participating in these programs. MILE will engage subject experts from the TAIBAH University to conduct live webinars about the various aspects of leadership development and executive education using MILE's platform.  However, the most important program that is going to be started under the agreement is the Executive MBA, the first of its kind in the region.   The agreement will allow the faculty members of TAIBAH University to access the MILE's community of practices and equally moderate it along with some of the top-notch subject experts from across the world. This will empower TAIBAH's faculty members to interact with these industry leaders to promote knowledge sharing for building local intellectual capital.   MILE and TAIBAH University also agreed on ensuring future cooperation in all the above areas of collaboration, helping local leaders and entrepreneurs to find long lasting and relevant solutions to their problems in order to build "soft infrastructure" any nation needs, in addition to physical infrastructure, to be successful and resilient.   About MILE:   The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Development is the leading executive education institute in the Muslim World. It is a collaborative initiative that seeks support and collaboration from other educational institutes, professional groups, companies and research and consulting organizations to build entrepreneurial and leadership excellence in Arab and Muslim world.   About TAIBAH University: Established in 2003 and located in holy city of Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, TAIBAH is a state university. It is internationally accredited and dedicated to excellence in community service, research and teaching. The University provides top academic programs in various disciplines and conducts research that contributes towards enrichment of knowledge and accomplishment of national development goals.


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